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Breast Pain

Follow three case studies that cover pain with breastfeeding, mastitis, and postmastectomy pain syndrome along with other breast pain topics.

Neuropathic Pain Mechanisms, Neuromodulating Agents and Medical Home Model

This foundational course covers terms and concepts of neuropathic pain, anatomical basis for neuropathic pain, clinical applications of aberrant nociceptive processing; general concepts of pharmacological treatment of neuropathic pain, anticonvulsants, anti-depressants and other neuromodulating agents; medical home models, treatment planning in the medical home context, motivating patients to participate in comprehensive care.

Opioids: Perspectives, Use Cases and Safe Management

In this foundational module, learn more about the global challenge of pain care, applications of opioids globally, features of specific opioids available locally; opioids in context, definitions of tolerance and physical dependence, management of chronic non-cancer pain; safe management definitions: clear lines and gray areas, societal impact of prescription drug abuse, assessment and management of risk in the physician’s office.

Pain Assessment in Persons with Dementia

This is an overview of competencies of pain assessment specific to cognitively impaired older adults.

Pain Prevalence, Assessment and Treatment

This foundational module covers US versus global pain prevalence, barriers to pain treatment, and assessment of how own pain experiences and pain treatment attitudes will impact patient care.