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Beverly: Burning Mouth Syndrome and Related Orofacial Pain

Beverly is a middle-aged woman with pain in the roof of her mouth, tongue and occasionally sides of her mouth.

Catherine: Chronic Pain with Multiple Co-Morbidities, Using Measurement-Based Tools

Catherine is a 46-year-old woman with Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP), obesity, poorly controlled diabetes with peripheral neuropathy, and ankle pain on high dose opioids for past 4 years.

Joan: Pain Policy Analysis and Advocacy

Joan is a breast cancer survivor turned patient advocate. Learn about policy and advocacy through her journey following a double mastectomy and subsequent surgeries.

Marty: Perioperative Pain Management

Marty James is a 55-year-old African American female with a 10 year history of left knee pain.

Mr. Smith: Chronic Pain in an HIV-infected Patient with a History of Substance Abuse

Mr. Smith is a 46 year-old male with a history of HIV, hepatitis C cirrhosis, and substance abuse, presenting with bilateral hip pain.

Ms. Rhodes: Chronic Pelvic Pain

Ms. Rhodes is a 46-year-old woman with CPP: Stage IV endometriosis (cyclic component of pain treated with continuous oral contraceptives), abdominal and pelvic floor muscle pain, vestibulodynia, IBS with constipation, possible IC, anxiety and depression and sexual dysfunction.

Pain Prevalence, Assessment and Treatment

This foundational module covers US versus global pain prevalence, barriers to pain treatment, and assessment of how own pain experiences and pain treatment attitudes will impact patient care.

Peter James: A Veteran with Phantom Limb Pain

Peter James is a 49-year-old veteran with phantom limb pain. While in the reserves he was injured by an IED in Afghanistan. His lower left leg was amputated at Walter Reed. He  wants to better control his phantom limb pain so he can take on a farm management opportunity.