Event 8: Outcomes

Ava, a 28-year-old Puerto Rican pregnant woman

Ava was diagnosed with a ligamentous laxity of the symphysis pubis after ruling out obstetric complications, lower back pain syndromes, bone/joint infections, and pubic symphysis rupture.

Ava’s baby’s head was sitting right on top of her pelvis, and that coupled with the increased relaxin hormone released during pregnancy caused the pain she experienced.

Ava was given the recommendation to continue taking over-thecounter acetaminophen for pain flare-ups, and recommended to avoid NSAIDs. Other prescription pain medications won’t have any effect on her musculoskeletal pain.

Ava was given the recommendation to utilize a maternity belt, which sits on the lower abdomen or back and keeps the baby closer to the center of gravity and alleviates the pressure on the symphysis pubis.

Ava was not comfortable wearing the belt all the time, but she did use it when she had to take a long car ride or was standing for long periods of time.

Ava was referred to a physical therapist at the interdisciplinary pain center to help stabilize her pelvic floor muscles, and strengthen her hip abductor muscles.

After doing the physical therapy exercises, Ava’s pain almost completely resolved. She was able to sleep well at night and continue her daily activities.

She was also able to get through the rest of her pregnancy without further difficulties.

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