Event 4: Diana's 2 Month Follow Up

Diana comes to see you 2 months after starting hormonal therapy, initiating pelvic floor physical therapy, and working on behavioral strategies to reduce pain.

Diana’s Pain Disability Index at 2 month Follow-Up

Diana scored the following (0= no disability, 10= worst disability):

  • Family/home responsibilities:  2
  • Recreation: 2
  • Social activity: 2
  • Occupation: 1
  • Sexual behavior: 3
  • Self care: 0
  • Life-support activity: 0

Baseline total score: 16 = mild impairment in function

2 month follow-up score: 10 means some improvement!

Diana’s Pelvic Pain Management Summary

Diana has benefited from the following multimodal strategies and her team will continue to work with her to optimize her function:

  • Physical therapy 
    • pelvic floor physical therapy and lumbopelvic muscle treatment
  • Medication management 
    • trial of suppressive hormonal therapy (continuous oral contraceptive pills to stop menstruation) as pain is worse around her menses
  • Behavioral strategies 
    • stress reduction techniques for acute pain, 3-minute daily deep breathing exercises
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