Event 3: Home Health Social Services

In this Home Health Social Services' event, you will look at three snippets, social services interview, home safety and emergency assistance, and resources. You will also have a chance to review “Donald’s Support System."


Family Supports

Support Systems


Shopping and Laundry

Areas of Concern

Pain Impact

Home Safety and Emergency Assistance

  • Donald is independent in mobility in his home with use of a rolling walker.  
  • Donald is able to use the phone for emergency assistance and phones are in living area and bedroom
  • Donald has  two telephones with emergency access with one touch button
  • Donald has an emergency pull cord in his restroom
  • Home Safety reviewed by Nursing and modifications completed.

Resources for Donald

  • Counseling for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  are available through the Veteran’s Administration (VA)
  • Anxiety support group in the community
  • Transportation services available in the community
  • Donald has friends who can provide transportation if needed.

Donald's Support at Home


Telephone check in and calling several times a day; comes each weekend for laundry, shopping, medication assist and transportation.


Telephone support – calling several times a day; comes very infrequently.


Live 3-4 hours away and too young for assistance at this time.


Donald has friends available for companionship, transportation, meal assistance and other needs upon request.

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