Event 4: Home Health Physical Therapy

In this Home Health Physical Therapy‘s event, you will look at four snippets, pain assessment and pain impact, cognitive assessment, home safety, and PT’s Initial Visit. You will also have a chance to work on PT’s interactive.

Pain Assessment and Pain Impact

The home health physical therapist reviewed information about Donald’s pain including location, aggravating and relieving factor, and 24 hour pain pattern.  Lastly, the PT helped him complete the KOOS for a functional outcome tool.

  • Pain: Pain 6 of 10 for right knee on IPT-R; PEG score 6 of 10 for pain, enjoyment and general activity.
  • Pain Location: Front of right knee from thigh to mid calf.
  • Pain Aggravating Factors:  Doing too much, walking, bending and straightening right knee.
  • Pain Relieving Factors: Medication, cold packs, home exercises.
  • 24 Hour Pattern: Increases with activity and decreases with rest; greater in the morning and at end of day.
  • KOOS Scores: Pain 36, Symptoms 29, Function  29, Recreation 5, Quality of Life 0

Home Safety

The physical therapist reviewed home safety with Donald.

Donald navigating stairs with a cane and a nurse.
Donald navigating stairs with a cane and a nurse.
  • Floors and Pathways
  • Stair Climbing
  • Handrails Stairs and Bathroom
  • Bedrooms

Assessment of Donald's Home

Donald navigating a hallway with a cane and a nurse.
Donald navigating a hallway with a cane and a nurse.
  • Walkways big enough for rolling walker in all areas of the apartment
  • Rail at stairs and able to use cane
  • No throw rugs or walkway clutter
  • Easy to get around in bedroom with rolling walker
  • Chair and couch height able to be independent with transfers to sitting and standing


Bilateral Knee and Hip Range of Motion


Home Exercise Program

Benefits of Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program


Improves muscle strength of the lower extremities to increase independence for mobility with transfers and walking

Range of Motion

Helps increase motion of the right knee; Donald has 15-85 degrees of motion and normal motion for a total knee arthroplasty is 0-120 degrees


Helps improve endurance, promotes increased heart rate and breathing rate, increases weight bearing tolerance right knee


Increases weight bearing tolerance for standing, walking on level surfaces and stairs; helps to prevent future falls

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