Event 6: Nursing Wrap Up Visit

In this Nursing Wrap-Up’s event, you will look at two snippets, the interview and the plan of care. You will also have a chance to work on plan of care’s  interactive exercise.

In this Nursing Wrap-Up’s event, the Home Health Nurse returns at 4 weeks to re-assess Donald and his plan of care.

Wrap Up Visit Interview

Follow Up


Pain Assessment

Pain and Function

Plan Of Care


  • Ready to discontinue Nursing
  • Able to lock medications; taking and storing medications appropriately


  • Independent with medication taking and understanding


  • Follow-up with surgeon at 6 weeks post-operative date
  • Incision healing well right knee
  • Home health care team managing post-operative care until surgeon recheck

Social Services

  • Ready to discontinue Social Services
  • Patient to call if needed

Physical Therapy

  • Progress to outpatient physical therapy
  • Independent with HEP for lower extremities; progress in PT
  • Utilizing cane for walking on level surfaces and stairs; progress to independent with PT

Occupational Therapy

  • Discontinue OT
  • Independent with HEP for upper extremities 2-3 x a week
  • Independent with home and able to resume community activities
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