Event 5: Referral to Outpatient Counseling

Mr. Lane's Perspective

Pain Management Topics:

Concerns from the Pain Clinic Team:

  • High Pain levels; new diagnosis of chronic pain right upper extremity
  • Strain on family with limited financial resources;
  • Identified depression, anxiety at pain clinic
  • Continued numbness and tingling in the right arm

Mr. Lane tells the psychologist that he's in pain all the time, tired, frustrated and worried about what is going to happen to him and his family. He hasn’t been able to do the things he needs to do and the things he likes to do with his family because his arm hurts.The psychologist works to find out what increases Mr. Lane's pain and what relieves it. He suggests filling out a diagram to help Mr. Lane keep track of his goals, what lessens his pain, and what gets in the way.



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