Event 8: Resume Physical Therapy

Mr. Lane, a middle aged man with his right arm in a compression sleeve
Mr. Lane

On July 1 of 2014, Mr. Lane returned to physical therapy one month after decompression for his right cubital tunnel.

  • He's had some improvement in numbness and tingling since surgery.
  • He has had moderate improvement in swelling right elbow.
  • The right shoulder range of motion improved as well as the right elbow range of motion.
  • The right hand showed an improved grip and pinch.

Medical History

No change.


  • Atorvastatin 10 mg PO daily
  • Lisinopril 10 mg PO daily
  • Amlodipine 5 mg PO daily
  • Senna-S 2 tablets twice daily
  • Doxepin 25 mg HS PRN sleep
  • Duloxetine 60 mg PO daily
  • ADJUSTED Gabapentin 300 mg PO one time per day (gradually decreased from last visit)
  • ADJUSTED Oxcodone 10mg PO twice daily (decreased frequency of dosage)
  • DISCONTINUED Gabapentin 500 mg PO twice daily


No change.

Work History

No change.


No change.

Additional Info

Mr. Lane has used 38 visits; new orders are for then 3 x week for 6 weeks = 18 visits

Co-Pay is $75.00 per visit= $1350.00

Also, physical therapy will need to get insurance approval after which may cause delay in services.

For this event:

  • Pharmacy cost: $595.00, Insurance paid $357.00, Out of pocket $238.00
  • Physical Therapy cost: $900.00

Total all events: $6970.00

Out of pocket Cost: $2460.00

Social Work Counseling: $750.00

Physical Therapy: $3750.00

Activity Event

A seated nurse looks to her right while holding a sheaf of papers.
Social worker

Assume a Role:

You are a social worker.


Mr. Lane has been seen in outpatient counseling for his depression and anxiety. His greatest concern now is for his financial obligations for all his medical care. He has been out of work for an extended period and has out of pocket expenses between $5000 and $10,000.

Mr. Lane has chronic pain in his right arm and now has an acute on chronic pain situation with the decompression surgery.

As his social worker, the following options can help assist him with his financial concerns.

  1.  Assist him in creating a budget for repayment of medical costs
  2. Contact the bank for Mr. Lane about a medical repayment loan
  3.  Identify resources for Mr. Lane about a medical repayment loan
  4.  Identify resources for Mr. Lane to contact for an additional source of income
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