Event 8: Acupuncture

Peter James’ primary care physician feels acupuncture may help his phantom limb pain.

Acupuncture Goals

Dr. Ergil discusses goals and timeline for treatment with Peter James.

Area of Phantom Limb Pain

Peter James describes where he feels his phantom limb pain.

Palpation to Determine Needle Placement

Dr. Ergil palpates Peter James' intact foot and leg to determine where to place acupuncture needles.

Proposed Number of Needles

Dr. Ergil discusses the number of needles that would be used for acupuncture.

Needle Placement

Dr. Ergil discusses needle placement with Peter James.

Treating Comorbid PTSD and Insomnia

Dr. Ergil discusses the impact of acupuncture on PTSD and insomnia with Peter James.

Worst Case Scenario

Peter James wants to know the worst case scenario for acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Ergil replies, “Realistically, is no effect.”

“Okay,” Peter James acknowledges.

“Theoretically, therapies could conceivably make the situation worse, (but) that would be unlikely,” says Dr. Ergil.

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