Learning Objectives

The goal of this case is to teach communication skills that are critical in palliative care and demonstrate how knowing the patient/family story facilitates acute and chronic pain management in patients with advanced cancer.

Target Audience

  • Third and Fourth Year Medical Students
  • Senior and Graduate Nursing Students
  • Senior and Graduate Social Work Students
  • Medical Residents 
  • Medical Fellows
  • Chaplain Students
  • Pharmacy Students


This curriculum resource was supported with funding from the NIH Pain Consortium, which approves the educational value of the information provided. The authors listed on this resource are responsible for its content, and questions may be directed to their Center of Excellence in Pain Education (url). The NIH Pain Consortium provides these evidence-based curriculum resources on pain management as a service to academic medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy and other health professional schools.

This resource is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical practice guidelines. Evidence-based practices may have changed since the publication of the resource.

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