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Ava: Anterior Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Ava is a 28-year-old Puerto Rican woman who is seven months pregnant. She complains of anterior pelvic pain that began several weeks ago.

Diana The Declining Dancer: Chronic Pelvic and Jaw Pain

Diana is a 19 year-old woman with pelvic pain and jaw pain since adolescence. She is seeing her provider for advice on how to manage her pain as it seems to be getting worse and is limiting the things she likes to do like dance and eat her favorite foods.

Ms. Mondragon’s Acute and Chronic Injuries After a Fall

Ms. Mondragon is a thin, 71-year-old, widowed Hispanic Spanish-Speaking woman whose son is serving as interpreter in the emergency department. Ms. M. fell this morning in her kitchen. She presents with upper back pain, groin pain, and left hip pain radiating anteriorly to the knee.

Wendy Jones: Case of Advanced Cancer - Introduction to Primary Palliative Care Skills

Wendy Jones is a 67-year-old woman with terminal cervical cancer who just underwent a colostomy due to bowel obstruction from tumor growth. She continues to complain of significant pain despite large doses of Percocet (7 tabs/day or 100 tablets every two weeks).