Event 4: Outcomes

After 3 Sessions Over 2 Months

  • Able to walk 5 blocks with bearable 4/10 pain
  • Was able to go out to dinner with husband without increased pain
  • Able to descend 4 flights of stairs with moderately increased pain
  • She had one flare up of pain that she was able to control with activity modification and pacing techniques
  • She is now able to participate in strength training exercise
  • Patient Specific Functional Scale has improved from 11/50 to 21/50
  • Reports no difficulty wearing pants, or having sheets on legs, and reports less sensitivity to cold

Evidence Based Description of Mechanism Explaining PT Outcome

  • Guided imagery through mirror box and visualization create a positive mental representation of the affected side
  • Exercise to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness improves overall function
  • Pacing and functional restoration allows for increasing activity without causing pain and further central sensitization
  • Understanding of pain biology has been demonstrated to help reduce pain perception or experience
University of California, San Francisco
University of California, San Francisco