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Online Resources about Biofeedback
The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback is an international society for mind-body research, health care, and education. The Society publishes a journal with research and opinion articles.
This site from the Mayo Clinic provides a brief overview of various types of biofeedback
This site was produced by Medical News Today and has references to various studies using biofeedback for headache including migraine, ADHD, and PTSD among other conditions.
Seeing a biofeedback specialist who uses computer-based equipment can be expensive, but monitoring physiologic responses does not require sophisticated equipment. This site, from, lists a variety of inexpensive do-it-yourself "monitors" that can provide information similar to that demonstrated in the video. The most basic type of "thermometer" is called a Biodot®. Remember mood rings? The concept is the same.

Useful Websites for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding Pain – And What’s to be Done About It in 10 Minutes

The Center for Pediatric Pain Research (IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University)

German Paediatric Pain Centre

Pain Management Network

Pain Toolkit

Headache Relief Guide (Children’s Mercy Hospital)

Additional Resources for Migraine Treatment

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